about the project

A group of interested local landholders from Rugby and Boorowa saw the potential for a wind farm and approached Windlab to investigate the development of the site in August 2008.

Windlab and REpower Australia are now working together to develop the Rugby Wind Farm.

The proposed project has 52 wind turbines, with an anticipated total installed capacity of 166.4 MW, and an estimated capital investment value of approximately $230 million.

The proposed project area covers approximately 5,700 hectares, on which the wind turbine generators, transmission lines and ancillary structures will be located. Only about 3.5% of the project area will be occupied by infrastructure, with approximately 90% of this being roads, allowing the wind farm to complement the existing agricultural practice at the site.

The Rugby Wind Farm project team has the following objectives:

  • to deliver clean, renewable energy to NSW energy users and other customers in the National Electricity Market(NEM);
  • to minimise the impacts of the wind farm on the local environment and on local amenity;
  • to maximise the regional development benefits of the wind farm, including local employment opportunities;
  • to ensure that stakeholders and the community have multiple opportunities to shape the design of the wind farm, and understand how their input has influenced the project community engagement;
  • to ensure quality, safety and environmental standards are maintained throughout the development, construction and operation of the project

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