The proposed Rugby Wind Farm is located in the Boorowa Shire region in NSW, approximately 17 kms East of Boorowa and 50km north of Yass.

In response to feedback from the community, and the release of the draft NSW planning guidelines for wind, the proposed Rugby wind farm has been significantly scaled down to 52 turbines.

Site map

An updated map showing the latest wind farm design is available from here.

An updated high resolution A3 contour map can also be downloaded from here.

Interactive map

Explore the wind farm in more detail with this interactive map of the proposed layout.

Download the kmz file to view the project in Google Earth. rugby2.kmz

Turbine coordinates

GPS coordinates of the proposed turbine layout can be downloaded from here.

These coordinates are in the projection of GDA_1994_MGA_Zone_55.

Wind resource

Our wind monitoring program indicates that the location has a viable wind resource that could be harnessed to produce clean renewable energy for NSW.

A monitoring tower on the site has been measuring the local winds since 2004.

There are now four towers on the site, with each tower recording wind speed and direction at various heights above the ground as well as recording other weather data such as temperature, pressure and humidity.

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